Cookies Policy

Use of Cookies on the NEPHILIM PRODUCCIONES website
NEPHILIM PRODUCCIONES shall use cookies when the User visits the NEPHILIM PRODUCCIONES website. The cookies are associated with a single anonymous User and their computer, and they shall provide no references that might make it possible to deduce the User's name and surname. The NEPHILIM PRODUCCIONES cookies cannot read data on their hard drive, nor can they read cookie files created by other providers. NEPHILIM PRODUCCIONES encrypts the User's identifying data for enhanced security. Thanks to cookies, it is possible for NEPHILIM PRODUCCIONES to recognize registered Users after they have registered for the first time, without them having to log in every time they wish to access the website's areas and the services reserved exclusively for them.

Disabling the use of Cookies by the User

The User has the option of configuring their browser so that it will notify them onscreen whenever cookies are received and will prevent cookies from being installed on their hard drive. Please consult the instructions and manual for your browser for further information. To use the NEPHILIM PRODUCCIONES website, it is not necessary for the User to allow cookies sent by NEPHILIM PRODUCCIONES to be installed, should this be the case, it will be necessary for the User to log in every time they access a service that requires prior log in.

If you wish to block Cookies for the platform, you should perform the following steps, according to your web browser: