The Circular Group Company

The Circular Group Company

CARBON. Ion Borsh. 2022. Moldavia, Romania, Spain.

Year: 2022

Duration: 97 min.

Countries: Moldavia, Romania, Spain.

Direction: Ion Borsh

Cast: Dumitru Roman, Ion Vantu, Igor Caras-Romanov, Vitalie Vasilache, Ion Coseru, Viorel Cornescu, Adriana Batca, Tudor Andronachi, Lidia Novicov, Eugen Prisacari, Alla Dontu.

Producer companies: Kantora Film Production, Youbesc Creative Institute, Pascaru Production, Maya Films Studio, Badeamic, Youbesc Aya, Nephilim Producciones.

Genre: comedy, drama, 1990s, black comedy.

Synopsis: Moldavia, early 1990s. Dima, a tractor driver, wants to enlist in the troops fighting in the regional conflict on the Transnistrian border. Vasea, a veteran of the Afghanistan war, joins her. On the way to the front they find a charred corpse. The authorities ignore them and do not help them identify the body.