The Circular Group Company

The Circular Group Company

MAGALLANES. Salvador del Solar. 2015. Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Spain


Year: 2015

Countries: Peru, Argentina, Colombia, España

Direction: Salvador del Solar

Cast: Damián Alcázar, Magaly Solier, Federico Luppi, Christian Meier, Bruno Odar, Jairo Camargo, Tatiana Espinoza, Liliana Trujillo, Paul Ramírez, Tatiana Astengo.

Producer companies: Péndulo Films, Tondero Films, Cepa Audiovisual, Proyectil, Cinerama Ltda, Nephilim Producciones

Synopsis: Magallanes’ anodyne life is turned upside down the day Celina, a woman he met during the violent years when he was a soldier in the Peruvian Army, gets into his cab in the middle of a Lima street. This unexpected reunion after 25 years will prompt Magellan to embark on a risky plan to redeem himself for the past.